The love for pistachio joins the passion for the traditional and artisanal pastry-making. From this exciting combination “Sofì, Dolcezze di Sicilia” was born, the brand of the creations based on Sicilian pistachio. 

From Bronte, with love

Lying on the western slopes of Mount Etna, where a hot and dry climate combines with a volcanic soil rich in  minerals: this is the territory of Bronte, famous all over the world for the production of pistachio, the sicilian  green gold.  

Sofì, artisan company specialized in the production of products based on Sicilian pistachio, celebrates this  sweet fruit from 2017 by creating delicious and irresistible temptations by hand. 

Our artisanal creations bring out the Sicilian pistachio, its emerald green colour and its unmistakable taste  which distinguishes it from all the other kinds of pistachio.

The journey towards Bronte starts from the tradition and goes on with the discovery of new flavours and recipes.


Here, in the heart of the most genuine Sicily, our Artisan Pastry Chefs work the pistachio with care and  meticulous attention to bring to your table the unique taste of artisanal products. A story, the one of Sofì,  made up of passion, dedication and constancy. 

In our laboratories, the Artisans Pastry Chefs process raw materials in a traditional way, they praise the  flavour to make the authentical and unmatched taste of true Sicilian pistachio emerge at every bite.  

The respect for the tradition of antique processing techniques combines with the innovation and the  continuous research: it is only in this way that we are always able to find new balances of flavour and  innovative recipes.  

We bring out the scents and the tastes of this precious green gem of Sicily.  

Did you know that our Artisan Pastry Chefs use up to 66% pure Sicilian pistachio for their sweet creations?

Sweet Sicilian creations

Double-flavour cremes


Spreadable Cremes

Pastry delicacies

Fuoco dell’Etna Pesto

limited production


The celebration of pistachio: we introduce you to the Velvetì, a creamy sauce based on an extraordinary mix  of sweet and savory Sicilian pistachio.  

An explosion of taste enclosed in a cream of velvety consistency that will enhance the taste of all your dishes.  Have fun experimenting new forms of delicacy, innovative combinations and surprising balances of flavours.  From cakes to crepes, from variegated ice cream to semifreddo, from fried food to tasty sandwiches…  

Velvetì will accompany each one of your moments in the name of taste. 

Sofì seasonal boxes

And you, which box are you choosing?