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Do you work in retail and want to stand out from the competition?

Suggest your clientele our delicious temptations: from the versatile pistachio spreadable creams
to our small, inimitable pastry masterpieces, from the cakes for special occasions to the gourmet
Sicilian pestos… The world of Sofì -Dolcezze di Sicilia is waiting for you!

Make your customer’s experience memorable and distinguish yourself from the competitors…

Nowadays the quality, authenticity and freshness of the raw materials are in first place in the
consumer’s priorities of choice.

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Addess: Viale della Regione, 4/P,

95034 Bronte CT


Telephone number: +39 095 692553

Mobile / Whatsapp: + 3896363743

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Here, on the slopes of Mount Etna, our team is always looking for new, stimulating partnerships in the name
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