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To research, experiment, create…
Our craftsmen confectioners process raw materials with passion, continuous research and constant
experimentation, giving birth to a real magic. The magic of those delicious temptations we recommend you, that are a synonym of freshness, genuineness, care for the details.

Just like our MiniRoll, an exclusive creation of our Master Pastry Chefs, entirely handmade. A friable and fragrant wafer with a surprisingly delicate pistachio heart. An entirely handcrafted production, in which the love for tradition meets the curiosity of new experiences of flavour and combinations.
The wise selection of ingredients, the extreme care for each passage of the production and the respect for the raw materials are the paradigm of our artisanal creations.

We present to you the triumph of the taste of pistachio in various, irresistible temptations: from the
spreadable cremes to the protein ones, from the pistachio pesto to the versatile cremes, from the delicacies
of patisserie to the delectable Christmas and Easter temptations…

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