We are Pastry Chef from generations, a close-knit group of Taste Artisans. We are the team of Sofì – dolcezze
di Sicilia – and we only have one, unique, irrepressible calling: pistachio, in all its irresistible forms.

Our story

The story behind Sofì is a story of passion and tradition: the passion for natural ingredients and raw materials
of the finest quality and the tradition of the antique pastry art and of the artisanal production.
It is a story that traces its roots back to several years ago. Alfredo and Cinzia, husband and wife and both
pastry chefs, used to work together as colleagues in a long-standing pastry shop in Bronte. It was around the
first years of the 2000s when the two Pastry Artisans started to experiment the artisanal processing of Sicilian
pistachio. This way they got to bring innovative and exquisite homemade products to all the fairs and the
festivals of the region with one goal only: to allow everyone to get to know the delicious Sicilian pistachio.

The first achievements…

The first results didn’t make them wait long: customers were curious and really appreciated the variety of
products resulting from Alfredo’s continuous experimentation.

The Pistachio ice cream is the proof.

Until that time, Pistachio ice cream had been a light-green cream with pistachio aroma. Alfredo and Cinzia
created a fresh, innovative and juicy version of the Pistachio ice cream: bright, dark green colour, enchanting
and persistent taste and a typical fragrance only Sicilian pistachio can emanate.

This is how Sofì – Dolcezze di Sicilia was born.


On the western side of Mount Etna, immersed in Bronte’s countryside, Sofì dolcezze di Sicilia was born: an
artisanal, family-run company, where audacious ideas merge with the love for pistachio and for traditional

Our company’s vision begins with the name…

Sofì: to honour Alfredo and Cinzia’s daughter, Sofia. It is also an analogy with the adjective that best mirrors
our company’s way of working: “sophisticated”. Their way of working raw materials is sophisticated and so
are their products, created, researched and unique, exclusively created in an artisanal way with Sicilian


In our laboratory you can feel the atmosphere of a family-run business, that is open to the confrontation and
the continuous experimentation and doesn’t forget the attention to raw materials. The passion for “the good
things”, the art to always give birth to incredible, new creations and the attention to quality allowed us to
grow during this year, which was very important to us. 2018 was the year of growth, affirmation and
participation to the most important trade fairs all over Italy.

From 2019 to today...

Quality, tradition and continuous research, to create unique artisanal products, containing up to 66% of pure
Sicilian pistachio.

This way, in a few years we got to conquer the hearts of those who love the Sicilian pastry. But there’s more:
we created and established our company’s image, authentical reflection of what Sofì’s team really is.
But the crucial year for our reality was 2020. The year of the crisis turned out to be the year of the
We managed to create a solid web reputation, in agreement with our values. We gave rise to our new,
modern and intuitive eCommerce, populated our social profiles and realised our current catalogue with a
huge selection of delicacies. This way we got in touch with customersfrom all over Italy and foreign countries.
And the rest came by itself.
In these last two years the company has grown and has gained a foothold even in the world of retail and
distribution. More and more specialized shops have chosen our brand to bring a corner of Sicily to the table
of their customers: wine shops, pastry shops, restaurants and typical stores all over Italy have put their trust
in us.
And we reciprocate this success with only one great, true promise:
To keep on innovating and giving life to a true magic, that of artisanal creations based on Sicilian pistachio.

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